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Greencrafts is an Irish company that specialises in organising participatory craft villages at events.



YouTube• Showcasing crafts as exciting & dynamic

• Offering innovative educational opportunities

• Locating traditional craft in an environmental context

• Managing hundreds of hands-on skill-share workshops

• Stimulating, thought provoking, entertaining

• Drawing on over 20 years experience of project & event management

• Working with hundreds of craftspeople & artists

• Trail-blazing new means of public engagement

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Partnering with contemporary events such as music & art festivals, Greencrafts actively engage new audiences, raise the profile & appreciation of traditional craft & offer a massive array of practical activities for public participation. Events staged by Greencrafts are vibrant, open-air & appeal to all ages & community sectors. Recognising the importance of accessibility, Greencrafts lead the field in offering dynamic opportunities for people to experience craft at first hand rather than to observe at a distance: once you've worked steel at a forge, your perceptions change! Greencrafts Villages are now legendary on the festival circuit with Nic & Marie drawing on extensive experience of showcasing events which are some of the largest of their kind in Europe.



Nic Piper & Marie Brett founded Greencrafts in 1992 aiming to promote traditional & environmental craft practice with maximum audience interaction at contemporary music & art events. The idea proved to be an outstanding success with Greencrafts trail-blazing new ways for public participation at events & managing craft villages with up to 100 workshops on offer daily.


Craftspeople have for centuries quietly led green lifestyles: sustaining nature for raw materials, creatively adapting to maximise local resources, preserving knowledge, heritage & skill. Traditional craft practice can offer society extensive knowledge about environmental performance, retaining & using this knowledge is integral to our future sustainability. A Greencrafts village showcases linked up thinking: philosophy & practicality, physical labour & ethical values, community & transition, aspiration & reality.


Operations Director : Nic Piper | Creative Director : Marie Brett 


'crafts unique qualities are functionality combined with an ability to express human values that transcend temporal, spatial, and social boundaries'

- Howard Risatti

Getting Involved

Greencrafts are always glad to hear from people who'd like to be part of a Greencrafts Village and if you're interested, please take a look at the events section.


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